This wiki is for the conversion from Smallwiki to Pier, and Pier upgrades. Since 2005, the operational team at Amdocs has been adding information to a Smallwiki.

Other Conversion Methods

There are other ways to upgrade from Smallwiki to Pier, such as the SW2PR package in the pier addons (, unfortunately this requires loading seaside and Pier into an old image (such as 3.7), which isn't always possible.

Other Tasks

What's new

  • Pier Components
    1 August 20134:19:54 am by John Borden
    This Page This post is table of all of the components you can use in Pier, it has a few children so some of the components are more useful: * Test-components-child-page * Test-blog Several of the comp...
  • Item rendering for a to-many relation
    14 December 201110:14:27 pm by admin
    For displaying report item prices per day, such as: Widget A Widget B 2010-Mar-27 $1.25 $2.55 2010-Mar-26 $1.35 $2.56 2010-Mar-25 $2.02 $2.57 2010-Mar-24 ...